We are headquartered in Santa Rosa

General Contractor Robert DeWan has over 12 years of experience in building residential and commercial buildings. His technical knowledge encompasses everything from building new construction to remodeling. He takes pride in completing projects on schedule and within your set budget. He enjoys unique custom work either for remodeling or building new. Robert treats each customer with the highest respect and care regardless of the project's size.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Respect the laws set-up by California and Federal Government.
  • Always consider all laws before proceeding into a new venture.
  • Create a safe working environment for its customers, employees and contractors.
  • Ensure a safe workplace and positive environment for the well-being of all individuals and the community.
  • Create a honest and trusting environment.
  • Always be honest with clients and employees.
  • Be fair and equitable to all.
  • Be sensitive, thoughtful, and helpful to everyone and avoid discrimination at all times.
  • Protect and honor confidentiality.
  • Adhere to our Privacy Policy.
  • Effectiveness and dignity.
  • Aim to achieve excellence in workmanship always.
  • Honor contractual agreements.
  • Honor commitments to customers, employees and contractors.
Santa Rosa Licensed General Contractor